First blog post due Monday, February 1!

Hello everyone: I’m sorry I have given mixed messages about your first blog posts.  What is required by next Tuesday is not a blog post, but for you to send me the address for your own blog via email to  That address will look something like the URL for this course blog: http://www.[your domain name].

Meanwhile, here are some questions for you to consider in your approach to Tuesday’s readings (January 26). Please come prepared for discussion of these works; grad students, I will put you together to focus on Mohanty and Ahmed.

Gauderman: How does Gauderman define “patriarchy”?  What are some of the limits of “patriarchy” as explanatory model for understanding gender in 17th-century Quito? What evidence supports her assertion that “state policies were not partisan to one sex over another,” and what do you think of that argument?

Ahmed: Does the harem oppress women, or is it a space of female autonomy and sociability? Again, what is Ahmed’s evidence for her answer to this question, and why does she think that “western” observers have been unable or unwilling to consider this perspective?  What does Ahmed’s work suggest about the utility of “patriarchy” as an analytical framework?



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