Readings and Blog for Feb. 1-2

I have gotten a few inquiries about exactly what you should be doing when, and how, so here are some reminders and updates:

  • Your first blog post is due today at 5 pm, but remember that I won’t be able to see it on your blog unless you first send me your URL (address) for your own blog.  If something goes wrong with your blog, please submit your post to me via email at
  • The blog due today should address the first chapter of Murray’s WGMLA, which I have already uploaded to the “Schedule and Readings” page for this week in case you have not received the book.
  • Here are the instructions on the blog post from the syllabus: “By 5:00 pm each Monday, post to your blog a short essay with your observations and questions about the week’s readings, with a focus on one primary and one secondary reading from Murray’s chapter.  Each post should be between 450 and 500 words, or a text four to five times as long as the paragraph you are reading.  Since each of Murray’s chapters and source excerpts begins with an overview and questions for the readings, you can build on these questions and focus on two specific selections [one primary and one secondary], rather than trying to write comprehensively about all the week’s readings.
  • Here, too, is my advice about submitting on time, even if it is not your best work: “I will be reading your blog posts each week, recording those completed on time and their success in addressing the readings on a limited scale (B for timely completion, A for evidence of engagement with readings).  Blogs submitted after 5 pm Monday will not be accepted, but at the end of the semester, your lowest blog grade will be dropped.  In other words, please post your thoughts on the reading in a timely fashion to get the most credit for this assignment and prepare well for discussion in class.”

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