Undergrad research opportunity

Drs. Hutchison and Gauderman are collaborating on an “Asylum Advocacy” project, a multi-year initiative involving research, conferencing, and publication that seeks to expand and train networks of expert witnesses to work for legal cases for Latin American migrants seeking asylum in the US on the basis of violence stemming from their sexual identity, domestic violence, and/or gang violence.
We would like to hear from undergraduates interested in developing a research project linked to “Asylum Advocacy,” which they would pursue this semester under our direction in exchange for a research stipend from the College of Arts&Sciences of $500.  A one-page research proposal for this funding would be due at the College on February 29, and should be composed in consultation with Drs. Kymm and Liz.  Possible research projects include but are not limited to 1) internet and correspondence-based research to identify US expert witnesses working on Latin American asylum, 2) directed research on violence against women, LGBT, and youth in a specific Andean or Central American country,  3) research and review of published scholarship about Latin American asylum work in law, international, human rights, and other publications, or 4) research on US asylum law for Latin Americans, differentiated by country of origin, since WWII.
If you would be interested in applying for this research opportunity, please contact Drs. Gauderman and Hutchison at kgaud@unm.edu and ehutch@unm.edu ASAP.

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