Blog post on the Mexican Revolution

This coming week we are taking another break from Murray’s textbook to look at the Mexican Revolution and its impact on gender relations.  I have tried to keep these extra secondary readings short, and I recommend the Cano article (required for the grad students) to anyone interested in masculinity, transgendered bodies, and war.  (Now you really want to read it, right?)

For your blog post, please consider the following query: The Mexican Revolution of 1910 was Latin America’s first successful social revolution, as well as a product of the reformist project to build the welfare state that was common to all of Latin America.  Drawing on the examples of household labor, sexual commerce, and changes to family, please reflect on how and why the Revolution affected gender relations in post-revolutionary Mexico (from 1910 to roughly the 1950s).

You don’t have to write about all three (or four articles) but please do have them read as assigned for Tuesday and Thursday this week.  Have a great weekend!


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