Instructions for Thursday May 5

As I’ll explain today in class, I am inverting class sessions this week to give everyone more time to prepare a discussion on Murray Chapter 9.Please prepare by reading and noting your thoughts; a blog post is not required, but any blogs posted before Thursday on these materials will count as make-up for previously-missed blog posts.

Consider these questions on Murray Chapter 9:

  1. How are LA and the US connected through women’s labor?  What is old/new about maquila and domestic labor?
  2. Does anything strike you about the methods and sources used in this chapter’s secondary readings?  What is the authors’ evidence and how was it obtained?
  3. How do these scholars show women’s agency, and does their work  challenge stereotypes about LA women? How exactly are ideas about marianismo, machismo, and tradition at work in these women’s lives?
  4. Kellog calls the effects of globalization “paradoxical” in their effects on women: in what sense is this true, considering the works in the whole chapter?



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