Research Paper: Each student will complete a 15-page research paper due during the exam period for this class. This project is made up of smaller assignments: you must complete all of them to get full credit.

  • Topic selection. Due: February 11. One paragraph description of your topic and research question.
  • Working bibliography. Due: March 10. A bibliography of scholarly articles and monographs appropriate to your topic. The bibliography should consist of 15 to 20 sources.
  • Paper Introduction. Due: April 14. A draft of your paper’s introduction and an outline of the rest.
  • Final paper. Due: No later than 4:00pm, May 10.

This course is designed in part for you to experience what it is that historians do, and how they do it. We won’t have an archival component, largely because of the language requirements of the primary sources. But, I would encourage anyone with reading knowledge of Spanish or Portuguese to consider using Spanish- or Portuguese- language primary materials. The topic selection is open ended, and you can research and write on anything related to the history of women, gender, and sexuality in 19th and 20th century Latin America. I would encourage you to read widely, be curious, and get caught up in your topic. At its base, the historical endeavor is about reading, analyzing, and writing about textual evidence. So, get ready to read, write, and talk! A lot.

Research Tools:


Elizabeth Hutchison, “Women in Modern Latin American History,” in Oxford Bibliographies Online: Latin American Studies [online], consulted May 9 2013, 25 pp., October 2011

Nara Milanich, “Women, Gender, and Family in Latin America, 1820-2000,” in Thomas Holloway, ed., Blackwell Encyclopedia of Latin American History (Blackwell).

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